Turntables by Music Hall and Pro-Ject
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The Pro-Ject RM-9 is a new step into high performance
This table is a mass loaded design with a thick, acrylic platter and clamp assembly set on top of an inverted thrust bearing. This gives the table great speed stability as it raises the center of gravity of the rotating platter. The completely isolated motor and base reduce motor noise to almost nil. The tonearm uses a carbon fiber arm tube and superior bearing assembly to give the you the ability to use more massive and rigid (lower compliant) moving coil cartridges.
Music Hall's newest MMF-7
The Music Hall MMF-7 turntable is 2-speed belt-driven, audiophile quality turntable with many unique features. It is constructed using a split-plinth design and features an external motor. The MMF-7 comes in a high gloss, black piano lacquer finish. The two platforms of the plinth are separated by four Sorbothane hemispheres, which act as a suspension and isolation system. External phono sockets are attached to the bottom platform. The motor rests in a cutout on the front, left quadrant of the turntable. It is completely isolated from the table and sports a blue LED. Comes standard with a Goldring Eroica, High Output Moving coil Cartridge. The Eroica H was chosen for its low mass, high rigidity body, rare earth Neodymium magnet and its Gyger II line contact stylus. It is a perfect complement to the Audiophile qualities of the MMF-7

Another new one from Pro-Ject RM-4
A departure from the standard rectangular turntable, this "Indy Race Track" shaped table takes the suspended motor design of the Model 1.2 to a higher level of performance. The table uses a high-density fiberboard platter and a felt mat for record isolation. The RM-4 also includes the superior tonearm of the Wood Classic and Perspective to mate with some of the better cartridges on the market. . Dust cover and record clamp included.
The Classic MMF-5 that made Roy Hall famous
It has an original and unique 2-plinth design with six rubber springs separating the bottom platform from the top. This gives the turntable an extra level of isolation. The compliant feet, 2-speed synchronous motor, switch, wiring and electrical parts are on the bottom plinth while the critical sound reproducing components, the bearing, arm and cartridge are mounted on the top platform. The glass platter and felt mat sit on a high quality, stainless steel ball bearing sheathed in Teflon providing fluid and noise-free operation. A metal screw-on record clamp is standard equipment as is the round spirit level.The tone arm comes mounted with a high quality Goldring G1012 moving magnet cartridge (a .00 value).
Pro-Ject Perspective
The Perspective is constructed using a visually stunning, clear acrylic plinth. The sub-chassis is suspended with three adjustable springs, which can then be variably damped in order to tune for various room conditions. Additionally included are: an aluminum alloy platter with a vinyl mat, a threaded record clamp, adjustable cone feet, and a very stiff aluminum sub-chassis unites the platter and tonearm. Precision Swiss bearings in the tonearm help provide this turntable system with superior cartridge control. There are female, chassis mount RCA connectors on the rear panel to allow for the use of any single ended interconnect cables.
Pro-Ject Wood Classic
The beautiful pear wood plinth of this table is the thing that catches your eye; but the high quality performance is what will impress you the most. This table features the same tonearm, platter assembly, and chassis mount RCA connectors as the Perspective, but in a non-suspended chassis design. The suspended motor and record clamp provide the necessary isolation and rigidity in this easy to set-up and use table.
Opera Audio Phono Stage
The hand wired MM phono stage is completely separated with power supplies including a spical designed connect-cable for low noise characteristics.The precision RIAA circuitry profit from deep negative feedback offering neutral sound performance and live theater feeling. We hope you agree with us and most of satisfied users that this set really acts as a length of pure copper cable in the LP system. Able to add PM-3 Stepup transformer for MC cartridge.