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Opera Audio may be the Best Value in Tube Amplifiers and Integrated Amplifiers in the World.

Come check out this beauty. Just in the M400S
Dual- mono-block with EL34's in a push pull design giving 40 Watts channel. Cherry front. User selectable between 8ohm and 4ohm. Easy to bais regulators. Little global negative feedback design.
This is one Classy Integrated The J-500SE
Class A single ended 300B design giving 9 watts channel. Entirely hand wired, Tube rectifier with gently rise time. Self Sustained bais. Cherry wood side panels. Three input stages. Also available is its big brother the J-400 at 18 watts channel with two 300B for each channel.
M800 feature ultra-linear/ triode modes
The most powerful tube power amplifier from Opera Audio. Uses the famous quad matched EL34 of ElectroHarmonix from Russia in each channel, connected in class AB parallel push-pull mode. Power output is switchable from 75W in ultra linear mode to 35W in triode mode. Fixed bias is used giving external individual adjustment for each EL34 for optimal operating point monitoring. Input stage uses a Sovtek 6922 and driver¡¯s stage uses two Shuguang 6N8P (6SN7) metal base per channel. Carefully selected coupling capacitors and military grade metal film resistors used throughout the circuit. Choke and capacitor filtering giving a smooth DC supply. A very small global NFB design to optimize the matching with medium to low sensitivity speakers. Overall an all rounder with superb flexibility and excellent sound to match with most speakers in the market.
CONSONANCE M100Splus tube integrated amplifier
The 300B version of M100plus deliver 25 watt output power. All triodes running in Class A operation.
Can also be ordered as the M100SE with EL-34 in Ultra-linear mode for 40 Watt channel power or in the M-99 also delivering 25 Watt per channel but with 6L6GC. M-99 is a 5 year edition model.
T-1 Pre-amplifier with front p[ower, volume and select switch.
1.Line stage (2 x ECC82) is directly coupled with none-gain "BUFFER" circuitry (2 x ECC82).
2.Tube rectifier with its very gentle voltage rise-time,choke and Philips eLectrolytic-capacitors (for audio only)are employed in power stage for pure and stable DC power which none negative feedback circuit strongly needed.
3.Plenty of special made resistances (for audio only)and MIT coupling-capacitors (RTX, PPFX) are hand wired using KEMBER pure copper cable.
4.Cherry-wood made front panel with nature color.
PM-1 Phono Stage with seperate power supply.
PM-1,the hand wired MM phono stage, is completely separated with power supplies including a special designed interconnect cable for low noise characteristics. The precision RIAA circuitry profit from deep negative feedback offering neutral sound performance and live theater feeling. Besides MM, PM-2 is also enable to be received the fragile MC cartridge output directly. We hope you agree with us and most of satisfied users that these sets really act as lengths of pure copper cable in the LP system.
QM-3 Pre-Amplifier with seperate power supply.
The musical dynamics, transparency and definition of QM-3 are clearly superior to any stereo preamplifier near its price. Two 12AU7s drive the line stage with no negative voltage feedback. Separated power supply and well-improved SRPP circuit with 3 Line input make this hand crafted set has been well received since launching in the markets.

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