Hi-End Audio from around the World at Down To Earth Prices
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The following links are to the products that our store carries. Check out the sites and then come see us to see the real thing !!!! Thanks for visiting us. Happy Listening.
We will be glad to answer any Questions you may have about any of the products we have. We look foward to talking with you soon.Our Store hours are Monday- Friday 6:30 P.M.-9:30 P.M. and Saturday 10:00 A.M.- 8:00 P.M. Convenient hours for the working person. Come relax after a hard days work.
We look forward to seeing you soon.

Kora Electronic Concepts Very nice Vacuum Tube Hi- End Audio Equipment comes to Salem,VA out of France. Very high quality at an affordable price.
Accusound Loudspeakers We are the Exclusive East Coast Dealer for these great sounding speakers from Australia.
Classe' Audio Great Power Amp and Pre-Amp combinations with a nice CD Player too ! Products are made out of Canada.
AAD-American Acoustics Development-Loudspeakers Very nice Loudspeaker Company out of Raleigh, N.C.
Great looks, Excellent Build Quality, Beautiful sound.

Bryston Audio Great Audio with a 20 year transferrable warranty.
That shows they stand behind their products with comfort and ease.

Straight Wire Wonderful sounding cables for very resonable price. Sonics are amazing, very open with a smooth soundstage.
Thule Audio and Project Turntables Very Nice Solid State Systems out of Denmark and an excellent Turntable line out of Austria. Excellent Quality for the price on both lines.
Myryad Great Audio line coming from the British with three levels to fit any application.
Panamax Surge Protection The only surge protection that I know of that will protect up to million dollars of your Equipment!!!
Music Hall Turntables with Audiophile Quality for the budget minded consumer.
Totem Loudspeakers Beautiful Loudspeakers with a large sound but a little footprint.
Lovan Audio Stands Many choices of wood color and style with accessories to match.
Belles Hotrod 150A Power Modules Inc. A great amplifier made in New York by David Belles. High quality at an affordable price. Check out the review Sam Tellig gave in "Sam's Space" in Stereophile Dec. 2000. Also many great reviews on audioreview.com. A site where consumers leave comments on products they own or have owned.