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Newest Products are the Von Schweikert Audio Loudspeakers, Nottingham Turntables, Marsh Audio, Monsoon Audio,
Jolida's fine line of USA products, Music Hall's First CD Player and Pro-Ject's newest turntable.

VR-4 GEN III / VR-4 GEN III Special Edition

The goal of each Von Schweikert Audio model is to provide a word-class reference product that can be used for both professional applications and home use. Each model is uniquely endowed with engineering breakthroughs combined with the latest technology in driver design, psychoacoustics, and aesthetics. For instance, our Global Axis Integration Network crossover design and driver radiation pattern allows the speaker to radiate a "bubble" of sound instead of a narrow beam, allowing 3-D imaging over a very wide space. Combined with our rear-firing Ambience Driver for spatial depth, the VR speakers reproduce sound that is incredibly real! Find out why 19 magazine reviewers have stated, "the Von Schweikerts do indeed create Virtual Reality!"
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Nottingham Analogue Studio
"...the Nottingham is like a performer
with a good voice or instrumental skill
hell-bent on getting the deeper meaning of the music across.."
The Absolute Sound

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Monsoon - Drenched in Sound
"The greatest pleasure I can have at CES is to discover something new, excellent and surprisingly affordable. This time what did it for me was the Monsoon speaker from Sonigstix, based on planar-membrane radiators driven push-pull by neodymium magnets. Monsoon has developed an efficient production technology for the drivers for their successful line of computer speakers, and is able to price these full-size, floorstanding three-way hybrids most aggressively. From the FPF-600 () and FPF-1000 () to the FPF-1600 (), each design has more planar elements and larger cone woofers. They're just what an audiophile expects from planar dynamics: open and grainless. What's unexpected are the prices. I hope to hear them again soon, at home!"

Kalman Robinson, Stereophile May, 2001

The Jolida Philosophy
Jolida is a communication company. We believe that sound can have a great impact on the life of an individual. Sound has the capacity to inspire, stir emotion and create empathy. It encompasses the whole range of human emotions and transcends age, color, race, culture and walk of life and goes right to the heart of our humanness. The ability to create emotion is the province of the artist. Our task is to provide the electronic means by which this artistry can be communicated as the artist intended, hence we are a communication company not the communication. We are the message bearer, not the message. Therefore, our mission is to develop, manufacture and distribute quality sound systems.

Marsh Audio A-400 Stereo Block
StereoTimes: In his review of the p2000b/A440s combo, Senior Editor Greg Weaver comes to powerful conclusions:
"..The remarkably high level of balance and incomparable execution each component offers in their own right takes on new meaning when the pair is used in tandem. There is no way that this symbiotic relationship should be both so magical and affordable at the same time. If not for my recent auto accident, and the resultant medical and legal bills, I would keep both products. Even given my current fiscal hindrance, the p2000b won't be leaving my system anytime in the near future - and I may yet find a way to keep the A400s as well. Time will tell. Mr. Marsh, my hat is off to you. I hope you will let me buy you a drink by way of thanks the next time we meet.

Music Hall MMF-CD25 CD player
The Music Hall MMF-CD25 CD player is a true high-end bargain.
It features an HDCD chip, a Philips CDM 12-10 transport controlled by a CD7 servo. The D/A converter is a Burr-Brown 1732 24-bit/96kHz chip.
The output stage uses OPA 2134 op amps. An innovative power supply makes the MMF-CD25 a wonderful sounding CD player.

Marsh Balanced Pre-Amplifier
The Absolute Sound Best Buy Rating
"The P2000 is an impressively built and finished model with a slightly laid back presentation, terrific focus, good dynamics, and a highly coherent and engaging way with music. It's a little to the warm side, and gives some emphasis to sibilance, but this is a knockout line stage and an amazing value".

Note: this model is the earlier serial number -- we now include balanced in and out, too. An even greater value.
The new MMF-9 turntable
The new MMF-9 turntable, our flagship model, has a three-plinth design using four Sorbothane springs between each plinth.
The motor is external at the front, left corner of the table and has an electronic speed control that will run the motor at 50Hz

instead of 60Hz. (A slower motor runs more quietly) Of course a 50Hz pulley is supplied.

The acrylic platter is 1" (25mm) thick and a Ringmat XLR turntable mat will be supplied as standard with the table. (‘Cos it just sounds so good)
The platter sits on an incredibly quiet, inverted ceramic bearing.

The tone arm is the 'Project Carbon'. This is a carbon fiber version of the acclaimed Project 9.1 arm. The MMF-9 also has a new cartridge on it. The Music Hall Maestro is a modified version of the Goldring Eroica. It is a high-output moving coil and sports a VITAL stylus.

VR-2 Reference Grade Tower Loudspeaker
The illusion of a live orchestra playing in your listening room depends on a spatial image developed by an invisible speaker system. Our proprietary Ambience Retrieval System enables the VR-2 to successfully mimic the microphone in reverse, generating a sound field that is amazingly dimensional. The full depth and image size is correctly reproduced in full scale, and most importantly, this effect is adjustable to compensate for the reflectivity of the wall and the distance from the speaker. The Dimension Control is located on the rear of the cabinet and is calibrated for repeatable settings. If the added depth is not needed for a particular recording, the effect can be turned off.

Conventional technology has been likened to hearing music through an open window. Von Schweikert asks".. why stand outside?

The newest Pro-Ject Table * RM-9 *
The RM-9 is a new step into high performance at a very reasonable price point from Pro-Ject. This table is a mass loaded design with a thick, acrylic platter and clamp assembly set on top of an inverted thrust bearing. This gives the table great speed stability as it raises the center of gravity of the rotating platter. The completely isolated motor and base reduce motor noise to almost nil. The tonearm uses a carbon fiber arm tube and superior bearing assembly to give the you the ability to use more massive and rigid (lower compliant) moving coil